Permanent membership

We invite PhD students to apply for permanent membership.

How does it work practically?

PhD student who is a member of the CGS does not brake the connection to his or her home university. He or she continues and completes the doctoral programme there. One of the CGS fellows becomes a second tutor of the PhD thesis to give a critical opinion from the point of view of representative of other discipline/scientific culture. Every member can realise a research stay at one of the partner institutions. Doctoral candidates have to participate in all CGS events (conferences, seminars and summer schools). During the events they will be given an opportunity to present, consult and discuss their research results with experts, scientists and colleagues on international and interdisciplinary level.

"CGS Studies" publishing series (see Publications part of this website) will give the members an opportunity to publish both partial research results and the whole thesis in the international sphere.

Every PhD student, dealing in his or her research with the thematic sphere of the CGS can apply to be its member.

The membership is free of charge. All costs of the participation in the CGS events will be held by the CGS. No scholarships will be granted.

To apply please send to

- filled-in application form
- scientific CV
- short presentation of PhD thesis concept (up to 3 pages)
- confirmation of PhD student's status

Application form permanent membership